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Automotive Customization 

Today it can be hard to find a shop that does it all. Here at JB Detailing we strive to be a one stop shop, if there is something we can't do we will help you find the best shop that can.

There isn’t much we can't do so if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Windshield Banners

Keep the sun out of your eyes and change the style of your ride with a windshield banner

Blacked out Badges

Give your vehicle a cleaner look by getting your badges blacked out

Headlight/Taillight Tint

Give your lights a smoked look with our tinting options

Custom Part Installation 

Provide a part or have us order an aftermarket part for you.

Vinyl Wraps

Switch up your vehicle's look and add some protection 

Please  visit for wrap options and pricing

Vinyl Wraps are done in house but not through JB Detailing

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Change the look of your ride at night with our lighting and under-glow options

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